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A Distinguished Record of Excellence

VA Mortgage Leader offers home loans, refinance loans, cash-out loans
and expert advise on everything in between.

Flagship is a an approved broker and leader in FHA and VA loans. We have thousands of veterans that come to us for their mortgage needs every year. Flagship has continued to succeed and become the nation’s number one VA lender. Attention to detail continues to be a key to providing trusted and reliable service with excellent value. Look to Flagship Financial Group to provide you with the best products and services when you look for a FHA or VA mortgage.

It may be difficult sometimes to distinguish between a reputable lending institution and a marketing company whose objective is to sell your information to mortgage companies. Specializing in VA loans and being the Nation’s #1 VA Lender has provided valuable experience and expertise. Flagship Financial Group is please to serve our honored veterans.

Craig Morgan
Urijah Faber

Urijah Faber
UFC Fighter

"I am honored to be part of a company that takes care of the folks that keep America strong, our military. VA Mortgage Leader is a company made up of people that care. I think that is a big part of their success. I am pumped to be on the VA Mortgage Leader team as we both work towards doing great things!"